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Dwyer Case Histories
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Structural Support & Rehabilitation...

Helical Piles, Soil Stabilization, Underpinning, Shotcrete, Helical Anchors, Micro Piles, Foundation Repair

Cabellas - West Virginia
(Helical Piles)

Mohawk Paper - Dayton, OH
(Helical Piles - Deep Foundation System)

Smuckers Plant - Cincinnati, OH
(Helical Piles - Deep Foundation System)

St. Bernard Soap Co. - Cincinnati, OH
(Helical Piles - Deep Foundation System)

Residential Foundation Repair - Helena, AL
(Helical Piles - Foundation Repair)

Delaware Crossing - Independence, KY
(Stabilization of Foundation / Retaining Wall using Man Portable Rock Drill)

Coeburn Town Dump - Coeburn, VA
(Void Fill, Pressure Grout, Rebar Stitching, Shotcrete)

Bluegrass Station - Lexington, KY
(Helix Tie Backs, Underpinning, Pressure Grouting)

Culvert Repair - Cincinnati, OH
(Underpinning, Shot Crete)

OSU Research Facility - Columbus, OH
(Soil Stabilization, Soil Nails, Shot Crete)

Silmar Resins - Ft. Wright, KY
(Soil Stabilization, Shot Crete)

North Park Amphitheater - Dayton, OH
(Helix Tension Anchors)

Cincinnati Credit Union - Cincinnati, OH
(Micro-Pile Installation using Man Portable Rock Drill)

Fischers Library - Carmel, IN
(Shoring, Shotcrete)

Pump Station - Lake Okeechobee, FL
(Concrete Restoration / Reinforcing, Shotcrete)

Medplus Building - Cincinnati, OH
(Underpinning, Push Piers)

Target Building - Cincinnati, OH
(Underpinning, Steel Piering)

L&N Bridge - Cincinnati, OH
(Helix Tension / Tie Down Anchors)

Montgomery Hall Renovations- Coshocton, OH
(Helical Piles)

Dialysis Clinic - Birmingham, AL      

Univ. of Louisville - Louisville, KY
(Deep Foundation System / Helical Piles)

Central Baptist - Lexington, KY
(Excavation Support / Shoring)

Cynthiana Bridge - Cynthiana, KY
(Permeation Grouting)

Brookings School - Springfield, MA

(Helical Piles)

Goodwill Industries - Cincinnati, OH
(Pressure Grouted Micropiles)

Duke Energy - Ironton, OH
(Gravity Grouted Push Piers)

Toddcard - Ft. Lauderdale, FL
(Pressure Grouting)

Westwood United Methodist Church - Cincinnati, OH
(Pressure Grouted Micropiles)

Franklin County Courthouse - Franklin, KY

(Helical Piles / Shoring / Shotcrete / Tiebacks / Underpinning / Micropiles)
RTA East 55th Street Rapid Station - Cleveland, OH
(Helical Piles)

River Hill Retail - Ashland, KY
(Micropile Underpinning)

BNSF Diesel Shop - Tulsa, OK
(Temporary Earth Retention)

GABP - Cincinnati, OH

Hillside Stabilization - Fort Thomas, KY
(Foundation Underpinning, Tieback Anchors)

Foundation Wall Replacement - Lexington, KY
(Shoring, Stabilization & Structural Reinforcing)

Concrete Restoration and Decorative Resurfacing Projects

Contemporary Art Center - Cincinnati, OH
(Colored Cementitious Topping)

Crossroads Community Church - Cincinnati, OH
(Patterned Saw Cuts, Acid Staining, Concrete Sealing, Cemtint Coatings)

Magnum Piering Warehouse - Cincinnati, OH
(Multi-Colored Epoxy Coatings)

QUICKPAK Warehouse - Sharonville, OH
(Shotblasting, Safety Line Striping)

Panini's Bar & Grill - Columbus, OH
(Scarifing, Diamond Grinding, Self-Leveling Topping, Epoxy & Urethane Coatings)

Dwyer Technical Papers

Click on the link title below to view the entire paper in pdf format. 

Title:  Underpinning and Shoring for Underground MRI Research Facility at Ohio State University
By:  Howard A. Perko, Ph.D., P.E.

Title:  Voice of America Mall Target Project: A Steel Push Pier Underpinning Case Study
By:  Howard Perko, Brian Dwyer, Dave Jacob



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