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Repair Leaking Cracks in Concrete Walls with Dwyer's Polyurethane Crack Injection System

Strucktural and Hairline cracks causing leaky basements and retaining walls.

Dwyer's Polyurethane Crack Injection System

Our Crack Repair Service stops leaks in . . .
•  Poured Basement Walls
•  Basement Floors
•  Poured Retaining Walls

What is Polyurethane Crack Injection?
Dwyer's Polyurethane Injection System seals large or small cracks to prevent water from coming through. A specially engineered polyurethane is injected into the crack. It reacts with water causing the urethane to expand up to 700 percent to prevent further leaking. In addition, the polyurethane remains pliable enough to allow for normal expansion and contraction. Once the polyurethane injection is completed, a cement patch compound is applied over the repair to complete the project.

Dwyer's Crack Repair service is fast, efficient and economical. Nearly all jobs are completed in 1 day or less.

Financing available with approved credit.

Dwyer's process of repairing leaky cracks using polyurethane crack injection.
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